festival of ideas 2014 concept brief

Festival of Ideas 2014

Thursday 14th August, 2014 at Labadi Beach Hotel

Executive Development Session (Breakfast Inclusive, 8am - 12:30pm)

A Night with Great Minds (Leaders Dinner, 6pm - 9:30pm)

Targeted Participants:

Business Leaders, Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs & Government Officials



About Legacy & Legacy

Legacy and LegacyLegacy & Legacy is a human capital development consultancy that works with individuals and organizations to realize their full potential through the use of knowledge-based products and services.  The core values of the firm are professionalism, integrity and proactive excellence (PIPE).

The firm’s training style delivers world-class content in insightful modules, combined with audio-visual complements, self-assessment tests and group exercises moderated in an interactive style that consistently leaves a lasting and measurable impact on participants.  The training modules are influenced by the inspirational style of their two main consultants.


What We Do...best

We transform and transcend

Transforming mindsets is the core value that drives Legacy & Legacy. We have done that for over 6 years. Clients come to us for many reasons. However what unites them is their desire to maximise their potential, and the opportunity it presents to enhance business performance by aligning their visions with improved processes, and attendant behaviorial change.

Process - The road traveled

We are a management consulting firm that specializes and delivers three services that are all geared towards “developing human capital”. Legacy & Legacy was established in 1999 and was originally devoted to publishing biographies. Over the last couple of years, we have expanded our operations to include offering management consultancy services; undertaking motivational speaking engagements. We have subsumed the development of the biographies under a third component of the company’s activities – publishing.


Ideas Magazine - August 2013 Edition

Ideas Magazine - August 2013 Edition

Quote of the Week

Vision looks inward and becomes duty. Vision looks outward and becomes aspiration. Vision looks upward and becomes faith.

~ Stephen S. Wise

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